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__________ Click the image to view the animation! __________

This program lets you build your own organic scene. Each time you click on one of the plant buttons (Tree, Fern, or Grass) a plant will grow. Each plant has a series of random attributes such as: spread, color, position, size, height, etc. The final version of this project will be a Carnivore client*, which will obtain all of those attributes from packet data sniffed from a network. This means packet ports, ip numbers, times, etc. will all be used to grow plants. The organic scene will change as network activity changes. For more information on what a Carnivore client is, or about how this program works, click one of the 2 links listed below.

If you would like further information on how this project works, you can find it here.

*Carnivore client
A program that connects to a server and receives a live stream of "sniffed" packet data. The client (program) then takes that data (usually a string of numbers) and translates it into an artistic visualization. If you would like to find out more about "Carnivore" click here.

This program is dedicated to the memory of Bob Ross.


This program also has a randomly generated audio-scape. So crank those speakers up!
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FloatingAiko Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2003
It's a nice idea :). I really like the night idea! Very good sounds :)
xxdarknessxx Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2003
very very interesting!
greenie Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003
wow...this is awesome:) (Smile)

im gonna +fav it for
avalokiteshavara Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2003
It's a ptty that i didn't see this nature before...
But i love discover it now..
It's pleasant side of earth----Orange
13shadesofblack Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2003
Thats pretty awesome. My second tree grew faster. Cool cool work here
ahmednayyer Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2003  Professional General Artist
I am also a flash animator, and if things are really what you have said, you're one of the greatest pro i have ever seen.

Ahmed Nayyer
s-a-i-n-t Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
That is really cool. And agreeably, the sounds really make the piece!
I would however suggest that the trees, ferns & grass to be less 'bright'... and blend better with the background if possible... other than that, it is really wicked!!!

I hear from above that your other work is recommended, so I shall go see for myself now :) (Smile)

brilliant :D (Big Grin)
exavior Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003
The position of the plant elements will eventually be related to incoming packet data. So you can't actually choose where things go, or how they look. There may be a couple reasons for the slow speed. 1: With all the overlapping vector graphics and fading alpha values, this can be very CPU intensive on some computers. 2: It is made to simulate plant growth. The idea is to have it evolve slowly over time, as the network data changes.
aurezio Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003
Man... U shoul post this stuff less often or I'll finish my words for compliments...

:D (Big Grin)

Great imagination and originality as ever.
everfalling Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003
cool...only thing is its reeealy slow and the things wont grow where i click... :\
su-chan Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003
Very neat! I also love your icon. :p (Lick)
somethingsare Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003
this is awesome! are those "shooting stars" in the sky. and the sounds are great.

Heart it. especially the colors.
theblackspider Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003
hey thats kewl !i *sigh* i wish i could do this too :\
morgueprincess Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
nice :) (Smile)

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